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Special Events Pictures

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Ladies Night - February 27th, 2016

WM Sean Kelly with his good lady Lisa

All set up and ready to go

All set up and ready to go

The bar comfortably full!

Richard Mole's guests

All getting tucked in

Two happy lady's

A cheerful trio


Is it a joke or a ritual update?

WM elect John & Elaine Gane


Everybody having a good time

Ian Hudson holding court!

Trevor Wilson guests

Richard's table all smiles


Front Cover

Page 2 & 3

Back cover


Burns Night 2018
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Some  photo's were out of focus, or was I out of  focus?

I am not sure of some of the names so any help would be appreciated. 
If you have any pictures of the night you would like displayed, please email me copies.

Before the deluge

Roger & Jean Perryman

Roger & Jean Perryman

?, ? Mike Saffin

Chris Sidwell & Geoff Taylor

James Taylor & Camilla his fiancée.





Mike Castell, Enda & Don Harrison

?, ? Reg Lake?, Barry Page & ?

Head Table

?, ? Mike Hill

Two sombre gents Smile!

That's better


Ah! Haggis (Bisto)


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